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Kinolab’s name comes from the Greek κινέω (kīnéō), which means ‘to set in motion’. Moving images are what we specialize in here. Our name and research mission may be lofty, but we’re no snobs. You’ll find joints, flicks, movies, art films, and everything in between represented in our collection. We’ve got television and streaming series, too. If you’re a student or a scholar of films and series, you’re in the right place.

Our platform is specially designed for the digital analysis of moving images. It contains hundreds of academically crowdsourced clips annotated to highlight distinctive examples of form and content. Advanced search functions allow you to find clips associated with a particular search term or even a combination of search terms. Interested in using our collection or contributing to it? Get started by registering today.

Recently Added Clips

Next Time
"Next Time"
The Good Place, Season 2
Tehani's Meltdown
"Tehani's Meltdown"
The Good Place, Season 2
A New Kind of Torture
"A New Kind of Torture"
The Good Place, Season 2
A Pretty Girl
"A Pretty Girl"
You're A Woman Now
"You're A Woman Now"
"Opening Sequence"
The Alter
"The Alter"
The Chair
"The Chair"
The Feed, Season 1
The Feed, Season 1
The Feed, Season 1
A Hidden Place
"A Hidden Place"
The Feed, Season 1
"Hacked Feed"
The Feed, Season 1
Ben and Miyu's Wedding
"Ben and Miyu's Wedding"
The Feed, Season 1
手机翻国外网站教程, Season 1
Closing Sequence
"Closing Sequence"
The Conversation


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